Calming the Storm Within

How to Find Peace in This Chaotic World

Through the author’s own struggle to find peace in his life, he shares his successes
and failures as well as the revelations God has given him concerning finding peace.

Through reading this book, you will find that it is possible to experience peace, regardless
of your circumstances, and you will discover how to make this a reality in your life.

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I marvel at whom God has allowed me to interact with over the past decade—I really do. And, I thank Him regularly for the incredible people He has placed in my life.

The people who below are a part of this group. These are people who thought enough of me and Calming the Storm Within to share their thoughts with you.


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“Do you lack peace in your life? Then you need to read Calming the Storm Within...
I found it an excellent resource in my life and know you will too." ~Os Hillman

About the Book

Are you experiencing a lack of inner peace in your life? Do you find yourself worrying more and enjoying life less? Welcome to the club. Jim Lange has struggled with these same issues for much of his life. Through his candid story of failures and successes, discover how he has begun the process to overcome these struggles. Through his personal story, Jim engages you and reveals God’s truth: that God is a God of peace. In fact, He is referred that way more than any othe in the Bible. He obviously wants us to experience true and lasting peace in our lives. Even if things are chaotic around us!

In the pages of this book, personal stories and fresh Biblical insight are shared which can unlock the secret to discovering your own peace in the midst of the storm. A peace that you never thought possible. Lasting peace. True peace. Refreshing peace. The peace which transcends all understanding.

Peace is possible. Really, it is. Join Jim on his journey and discover how peace can be your companion throughout the rest of your days.

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"...Calming the Storm Within is your passport to discovering peace
in this often painful world. Don’t delay a day, read it now.” ~Harvey A. Hook


Soon after college, I developed this insatiable appetite for knowledge. Not just any knowledge, but the knowledge that would help me to become better. A better business person. A better leader. A better husband. A better father. I wanted to be the best me I could be

in all areas of my life. As a result of that pursuit, over the past seven years or so, I have been able to boil some things down and develop some resources that I believe will be very helpful to you. These are shown below.

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"...All of us would benefit from his practical counsel and anecdotes
on living at peace as outlined here..." ~Matthew A. Thomas

Jim Lange

Jim Lange is a graduate of The University of Toledo where he graduated with a BBA in computer systems. While at UT, he was a four-year member of the varsity basketball team.

Jim has been in business for over 20 years and currently serves in several roles including:

Chapter President of Truth@Work, an organization which provides a life and business changing experience delivered thru a monthly roundtable of 12-15 Christian business and ministry leaders who help and challenge one another to grow personally, professionally and spiritually.

President of Five Feet Twenty – a business and ministry that helps doctors and business owners to consistently and effectively impact the spiritual health of their patients and employees.

Jim wrote and released his book, Bleedership, Biblical First-Aid for Leaders in 2005. The book was named Best Christian Business Book of the Year by Christian Storyteller.

Jim’s latest book, Calming the Storm Within: How to find Peace in This Chaotic World was released in December, 2012.

He lives in NW Ohio and has three grown children.

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